Our approach to architecture is collaborative, forward thinking and sometimes newsworthy. We owe our gratitude to our clients who have allowed their projects to be published.

Mountain Living
The ML List: Top Architects + Designers

January / February 2018

Aspen retreat by CCY Architects overlooks dramatic mountainous scenery

November 2017

The Registry San Francisco
The PlumpJack Group Forms Strategic Partnership to Redevelop PlumpJack Squaw Valley Inn

September 27, 2017

Hollywood Reporter
L.A.'s Members-Only Griffin Club Debuts $13M Upgrade

August 4, 2017

Architecture Record
Aspen Residency by CCY Architects

August 3, 2017

Mountain Living
Efficient Elegance

July 2017

Robb Report
Edgewood Tahoe’s Stunning New Lodge is Not Just for Golf Lovers

July 22, 2017

Tahoe Quarterly
South Shore Renaissance Gains Steam

Summer 2017

The Hollywood Reporter
Inside Tahoe's Newest Lush Resort

July 10, 2017

CCY Architects uses weathering steel and locally quarried stones for Colorado ranch

April 29, 2017

Colorado Expression Architecture & Design
A Home For All Seasons

April / May 2017

Luxe Colorado
Gold List Architects

January/February 2017

Mountain Living
A Delicate Balance

January/February 2017

Mountain Living
The ML List: Top Architects

January/February 2017

Luxe Colorado
Home Improvements

January/February 2017

The Aspen Times
AAM wins American Institute of Architecture award for 2017

January 21, 2017

Aspen Magazine
New West

Holiday 2016 / Winter 2017

Aspen Magazine
Fireplace Finesse

Holiday 2016 / Winter 2017

Crested Butte Magazine
Beyond the Welcome Mat

Holiday 2016 / Winter 2017

Luxe Colorado
A Designer's Perfectly Sustainable Home

November 2016

Western Art & Architecture
Rendering: Designed for People and Place

June | July 2016

Aspen Magazine
Lake House: A Melding of Architectural Styles Comes Together Beautifully in this West End Home.

Summer 2016

Lights Out

Spring 2016

Gold List - architects

Winter 2016

Aspen Sojourner Magazine
"Building an Argument"

Holiday 2015-2016

LUXE Colorado
"Clear Connection"

Winter 2015

Outside Magazine
Best Places to Work

November 2015

Aspen Magazine
"East Meets West"

Summer 2015

Aspen Peak
"Sustainable Properties Define Aspen's Real Estate World"

Summer 2015

Aspen Times Weekly
"Modern Day Designers"

March 2015

Luxe - Colorado
Gold List - architects

Winter 2015

Luxe - Colorado
"Natural Alignment"

Fall 2014

The Design Bureau 100
"Ten Easy Ways to Incorporate Sustainable Design in Your Work"

August 2014, Vol. 1

The Design Bureau 100
"Contemporary Colorado"

August 2014, Vol. 1

Aspen Magazine
"Outside In"

Mid Summer 2014, The Culture Issue

Aspen Magazine
"Interiors Colorado Cover"

Mid Summer 2014, The Culture Issue

Architectural Record
"Woven Into Place"

Volume 9, 2014

Aspen Magazine
"Beyond the Beach"

Summer 2014, The Food and Wine Issue

Aspen Magazine
"Modern Family"

Mid-Winter/Spring 2014, Women of Aspen Issue

Aspen Magazine
"Interiors Colorado Cover"

Mid Winter/Spring 2014, Women of Aspen Issue

Luxe - Gold List Edition
"Gold List Architects"

Winter 2014

Ski Magazine
"Most Innovative Day Lodge"

December 2013

Luxe - Colorado
"House Blend"

Fall 2013

Cowboys & Indians
"Discover Brasada Ranch"

July 2013

The Wall Street Journal
“The New Anti-Ski House” (Private Residence)

November 8, 2012

Aspen Magazine
“Friends and Neighbors” (Private Residence)

Spring 2012

“Modern Face, Old Soul” (Private Residence)

January 2012

Aspen Magazine
“An Architect’s Home” (Private Residence)

Late Summer/Fall 2011

Western Art & Architecture
“Inspired Placemakers” (CCY Firm Profile)

Spring/Summer 2011

Colorado Homes & Lifestyles,
“Come On In” (Private Residence)

May 2011

“Nature’s Way” (Private Residence)

Winter 2011

Colorado Homes & Lifestyles
“Modern Life” (Private Residence)

May 2010

“Unexpected Discovery” (Private Residence)

Winter 2010

“Unexpected Discovery” Private Residence)

Winter 2010

“Connected to Nature” (Private Residence)

Fall 2009

Mountain Living
“Blurred Boundaries” (Private Residence)

September/October 2009

Aspen Magazine
“New Mountain Living” (Private Residence)

Fall 2009

Denver Magazine
“Soaring on Butterfly Wings” (Private Residence)

March 2009

Vail Home Magazine
“Mountain Contemporaneous” (Private Residence)

Fall 2008

ForbesLife Mountain Time
“Green Machines” (Private Residence)

July 2008

Aspen Sojourner
“Of the Earth” (Private Residence)

Midsummer 2008

Aspen Sojourner
“The Right Mix” (Obermeyer Place)

Midwinter 2008

“2008 Builders Choice Winners” (Obermeyer Place)

October 2008

Aspen Home Magazine
“Quiet on the Western Front” (Private Residence)

Holiday 07/08

Telluride Magazine
“Modern by Design” (Vision Hill)

Summer/Fall 2007

Western Interiors & Design
“Aspen Argentine” (Private Residence)

February/March 2007

Western Interiors & Design
“Mountain Village” (Private Residence)

July/August 2006

“The Viewmaster” (Private Residence)

Winter 2005

Aspen Sojourner
“Telluride Gold” (Private Residence)

Summer 2005

Sources + Design
“Residential Renovation” (Private Residence)

January/February 2005

Aspen Magazine
“Good Things Come in Smaller Packages” (Private Residence)

Winter 2005

Aspen Magazine
“Mountain + Modern” (Private Residence)

Late Summer/Fall 2005

Rocky Mountain News
“Material Pleasures” (Private Residence)

June 26, 2004

Western Interiors and Design
“Bitterroot Ranch” (Private Residence)

March/April 2004

Town & Country
“Sweet Bitterroot” (Private Residence)

June 2003

Mountain Living
“Creative Collaboration” (Private Residence)

August 2003

Western Interiors and Design
“Telluride Ridgeline” (Private Residence)

May/June 2003

Architectural Digest
“Larry Yaw: The Architect Bends the Rules….” (Private Residence)

September 2003

Rocky Mountain News
“The brightest star in Starwood” (Private Residence)

December 28, 2002

Open House
“Slickrock Mountain Village at Mountain Air Country Club” Volume 20

Summer 2002

Custom Home
“Natural Ability” (Private Residence)

November/December 2001

“Reaping the Rewards of Green Design” (Sundeck)

Summer/Fall 2001

Better Homes and Gardens Kitchen and Bath
“Perfect Partners” (Private Residence)

May/June 2001

Design/Build Business
“Main Street Exterior Surrounds Modern Interior Loft” (CCY Studio)

December 2000

Architectural Digest
“The Aspen Mountain Club” (Sundeck)

November 2000

Colorado Homes & Lifestyles
“Alpine Schell-ter” (Private Residence)

September/October 2000

Residential Architect
“Alpine Grace” (Private Residence)

August 2000

Executive Golfer
“Mountaintop Living at Mountain Air Country Club” (Mountain Air Country Club)

June 2000

Architectural West
“$12 Million Masterpiece” (Private Residence)

July/August 1999

“Spectacular Spec Homes” (Private Residence)

Winter & Spring 1999-2000

USA Today
“Resort renaissance” (Zephyr Mountain Lodge)

November 26, 1999

Professional Builder Luxury Homes
“’Spec’tacular Retreat” (Private Residence)

September 1999

Better Homes and Gardens Bedroom & Bath
“Modern Living, Rural Roots” (Private Residence)

Summer 1999

Telluride Magazine
“Earth Friendly Building” (Private Residence)

Summer 1999

Denver Post
“Ski villages follow design of old lodges” (River Run, Zephyr Mountain Lodge)

April 5, 1999

Rocky Mountain News
“Windows on the World” (Private Residence)

January 31, 1999

“Healthy, Wellthy & Wise” (Aspen Club)

November/December 1998

Rocky Mountain News
“Catching A Dream” (Private Residence)

November 29, 1998

Ski Area Management
“Base Area Villages” (Winter Park, River Run)

November 1998

Alpine Living
“Health Clubs Revisited” (Aspen Club)

Mid-Winter 1998

Mountain Sports & Living
“The Waking Dream” (Private Residence)

October 1998

Interior Expressions
“Atypically Aspen” (Private Residence)

August 1998

“Speaking of Spas” (Aspen Club)

Summer & Fall 1998

Architectural Digest
“Aspen Stone Work” (Private Residence)

June 1998

Architectural Digest
“Embracing Modern and Traditional Forms Near Aspen” (Private Residence)

December 1996

Mountain Living
“Of Leaf and Limb” (Private Residence)

Winter 1995-’96

“A home grown on the range” (Private Residence)

December 1992

“North America’s Best New Ski Lodges” (Little Nell)

November 1990

Urban Land
“Redevelopment in a National Park” (Canyon Village)

December 1989

Snow Country
“Building A Ski House” (Private Residence)

May 1989

Designers West
“Among the Aspens” (Private Residence)

August 1986

Architectural Record
“Main Street Revival” (Mill Street Plaza)

January 1984

“Architects Own Houses of the World” (Private Residence)

August 1983

Architectural Record
“An understated solar system for a warehouse” (Sport Obermeyer Warehouse and Offices)

October 1981

Progressive Architecture
“Postal Modern” (Aspen Post Office)

April 1981

Nikkei Architecture
(Private Residence)

September 1980

Architectural Record
“Apartments of the Year” (Cooper Street Lofts)

Mid-May 1978

Architectural Record
(Private Residence)

May 1980