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A recreation center, clubhouse and fourteen mixed-use buildings create a community centerpiece. The design uses topography to wrap around sub-grade parking and create a hill town with pedestrian streets linking activity anchors.

The site is a 25-acre knoll at the center of an 1800 unit residential community with beautiful summers and cold, dry winters. Protection from the elements was a design directive. The goal is to accommodate a golf clubhouse, recreation center, and mixed use retail street in a forward-looking community centerpiece that worked year-round to create a gathering place and varied activities for the community. The concept uses topography to create a hill town. The clubhouse, recreation center, and retail street wrap around the hill, using the elevated topography to provide hilltop views, easy access to sub-grade parking, and create a recognizable landmark.

The architects programmed the facilities and amenities to create multiple levels of activities and experiences. Trails, lake edges with hardscape and natural edges, fire-pits, restaurant/bars, nightclubs, family restaurants, a great lawn for music and wedding tents, demonstration retail for outdoor apparel and the climbing and observation tower are some of the attractions.


Design Phase


Changbaishan, Jilin Province, China

Project Size

25 Acres

Recreation Center

Observation and Climbing Tower

Mixed-Use Retail Street

Primary Scope

Master Planning and Architecture

Primary Materials

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