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Thinker Thursday with Anderson Ranch Arts Center

Community engagement and the sharing of ideas are firmly rooted in CCY’s culture and values. In February 2020, CCY Associate Maura Trumble participated in Anderson Ranch Arts Center’s Thinker Thursday Creative Rounds, a “15 x 15” story-telling event, open to the public, where 12 participants present 15 images, then talk about each for 15 seconds.

In architecture, a building is often approached foremost as an object, to be later placed on a site with little regard for its context. In her 15 x 15 presentation, Maura examines a shift in that thinking, showing and discussing several recent CCY residential projects and illustrating how a building can and should defer to its surrounding landscape.

Through a process of exploration and collaboration with clients and sites, CCY designs buildings that celebrate their place and inspire a connection to nature.

CCY Associate, Maura Trumble during Q&A of Thinker Thursday



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