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Matthew Qual


Matt brings a melodic passion for design to the team. He strives to compose an architecture that has the ability to define an ambiance for dwelling beyond formalistic aesthetics and pleasant detailing. He believes that it is the intricate weaving of material, form, technology, metaphor, and a labyrinthine overlap of experience that provides the core essence to the world’s truly powerful architectural atmospheres.

While earning his Master of Architecture from North Dakota State University, Matt spent time abroad attending the Université catholique de Louvain in Brussels, Belgium. Transitioning from his studies and thesis, he has directed his focus to successfully completing multiple new commercial and residential projects throughout the country. At CCY, Matt has prioritized large-scale historic renovations, commercial remodels, and custom homes while simultaneously pushing the boundaries of design through digital representation, providing clients with innovative capital acquisition media.

Matt enjoys hiking, biking, and snowboarding across our local mountain landscapes. These lifestyle passions influence his approach to design.