Tia Crocker


Equal parts environmentalist and idealist, Tia believes in the potential of space to enrich the processes and experiences of our daily lives. Utilizing nature, context, and culture to enhance and aid in the design process, her projects become authentically responsive to their environments and the patrons they serve. She strives for design that sits harmoniously in its setting, utilizes natural systems, and is materially-driven.

Having lived abroad for seven years, first in Doha, Qatar, and then in Australia, Tia brings a variety of architecture and interiors experience to the CCY team. Exposure to other cultures and ways of living has always fascinated her. Tia thinks there is much to be learned from immersing oneself in a different culture and the potential it provides to be exposed to new or different ways of doing things. From Japan’s hyper-organization and efficiency to India’s organized chaos, each place feels imbued with inspiration and richness. Tia strives to appropriate this idea of discovery and apply it to each client in order to highlight and enhance their lives through architecture.

Tia earned her Master of Architecture degree from the University of Pennsylvania and also holds a Bachelor of Environmental Studies from the University of Colorado, Boulder. She enjoys sitting and meditating in nature or walking a street and simply observing, pastimes that allow her to connect not only to herself at a deeper level, but also to the world around her.