Megan Voiles


Megan’s interest in architecture and design arrives from a propensity for art and drawing which serve as a platform of inspiration and are fundamental to research, development and the design process. She enjoys the coalescence of analog and digital mediums in architecture as it provides a fun and creative palette from which to work.

Colorado is home to Megan and a place for which she has a deep appreciation. Megan grew up in Fort Collins and attended Colorado State University, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures, and a minor in Geology. Several years later, she returned to school to pursue architecture and received a Master of Architecture and Design Build Certificate from the University of Colorado Denver. For her graduate certificate program, Megan participated in DesignBuildBLUFF, an immersive hands-on and cultural experience in which students design and build a home for a beneficiary of the Navajo community near Bluff, Utah. A formative experience for her personally and professionally, BLUFF informed her understanding of construction and design processes, meaningful team and client relationships, and the value of learning from the context of a project.

Megan was introduced to CCY through a summer graduate program and then joined the team two years later. She is excited to contribute her design skills and interests to the firm and to grow here as a professional.